4th Grade Awards Ceremony

You are invited to attend the 4th Grade Awards Ceremony in our White Oak Elementary Cafeteria, Thursday, May 28, 2015, at 8:30 AM. Awards will be announced and a 4th grade slide show will be observed. You are welcome to check your child out after the ceremony with your child’s homeroom teacher. See you then!

4th Grade Field Trip

Who: White Oak 4th Graders

What: Field Trip

Where: White Oak Splash Pad

When: Friday, May 22, 2015 / 10:00 – 1:00

Important information:

* permission slips and admission $ due Thursday

* bring a sack lunch

* dress appropriately to get wet

* bring a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, water shoes/flipflops/sandals

* bring money if you want to get something from the concession stand or bring your own snacks/drinks

The fourth grade students will be taking a field trip on Friday, May 22, to the White Oak Splash Pad.  Each student will need to bring $1 to cover the cost of admission to enter the park.  Permission slips and admission money must be turned in by Thursday, May 21. Swimsuits must be worn.  Girls will need to wear a one piece with a t-shirt as a cover or shorts and a t-shirt while playing.  It will also be a great idea for students to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a beach towel, and possibly water shoes or flip flop sandals. We will leave for the park around 9:45 and return around 1:30.  If you would like to join us and take your child home with you, you are welcome to do so.  Any child leaving with a parent other than their own must have a note from his/her parent giving permission. 

The concession stand will also be open for additional charges.

Soft Drinks and Water $1

Gatorade $2

Candy $1

Pickles $1

Ice Cream $1

Slim Jims $ .50

Blow Pops and Airheads $ .25

Chips $ .75

Students will need to bring a sack lunch.  They can also bring their own drinks or snacks.  

We are also working to encourage great CHAMPS behavior for the remainder of the year, so students are encouraged to keep their behavior marks to a minimum.  If students receive marks, they will have to sit out for part of the time.  The more marks they receive for inappropriate behavior, the more time they will sit out.  Please encourage your student to be on their best behavior at school these last few weeks.


Thanks so much,

Fourth Grade Teachers


An Act of Roughneck Kindness

van schools


J. E. Rhodes Elementary School, Van, Texas, recently received extensive damage to their school. We would like to show an act of kindness Roughneck style by donating books to the Van school library purchased from our school book fair.

There are several ways to participate:

  1. You can buy and donate a book. A sticker will be placed in the front of the book stating that the book was donated by (your child’s name).
  2. You may send a monetary donation, and we will purchase books from the book fair with the money received.
  3. Your child can buy a book and donate any change received. This money will be combined with the monetary donations.

Thank you for any donations you can give to J. E. Rhodes Elementary School.


White Oak Elementary Book Fair

book fair image

DATE: Tuesday May 19th and Wednesday, May 20th

PLACE: White Oak Elementary Library

TIMES: 7:45-11:45 and 12:15-3:15


Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 9.29.21 AM

ONLY CASH or CREDIT CARDS will be accepted!

An 8.25% sales tax will be added to all purchases.

*No toys, gadgets, trinkets, posters, etc. will be sold at this Book Fair. ONLY books and bookmarks will be sold.



Activities will begin at 8:20 on the football field. Students will need to wear sunscreen and tennis shoes and bring a water bottle & a towel. Parents are welcome to come enjoy watching the fun! Students may leave early with a parent (please sign out with your child’s homeroom teacher), but if they are staying at school, they will need to bring an extra change of clothes–including shoes & socks. They will be getting wet!

Important Reminders

Students still need to continue 20 minutes of daily reading!

4th Grade Field Day is May 6th.  Parents are invited to attend, and students may leave with parents afterwards.

We still have many things to cover before these students head to 5th grade.  Please continue to have them at school on time and ready to work!  Thank you so much for your help!

As these students get closer to becoming 5th graders, we are continuing to make an effort to help them in becoming or remaining responsible, organized, and well-behaved students.  If they can master being responsible, organized, and well-behaved, the transition into 5th grade will be much easier for them.

STAAR Testing

Third, fourth, and fifth grade students will take the STAAR test on April 20, 21, and 22.




Spirit of Iron Vocabulary

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 12.16.59 PM

image compliments of Google

We are starting the third book in our trilogy, a novel titled, Spirit of Iron. To help with understanding, we have a few vocabulary words that we will work on in class. The students should have these words in their reading journal. Please encourage your child to study, use, and recognize these words in their conversations with you. They will be quizzed over chapters 1 – 10 words once we have finished the first half of the book. Thank you!

Spirit of Iron

chapters 1-10 vocabulary

  1. immobile – not moving or changing; motionless

  2. adjacent – close; near; neighboring; adjoining; next to; near or close

  3. abruptly – quick, sudden, blunt, or short

  4. slosh – splash in slush, mud, or water

  5. drastic – acting with force, having a violent or strong effect

  6. abide – put up with; endure

  7. threshold – piece of wood or stone under a door

  8. percussion – striking of one thing against another with force

  9. hospitality – friendly reception; generous treatment of guests or strangers

  10. rivulet – a very small stream

Willow Creek Home

Vocabulary for Chapters 11 – 21

  1. contemplated – look at or think about for a long time

  2. hobbled – tie the legs of a horse together

  3. ruddy – having a fresh, healthy, red look

  4. calico – a cotton cloth that usually has colored patterns printed on one side

  1. reluctantly – unwilling; slow to act because unwilling

  2. assemble – gather together; bring together

  3. clustered – be in a bunch; gather in a group

  4. forged – make; shape; form

Willow Creek Home

Vocabulary for Chapters 1 – 10

 1. coiled – wind around and around into a pile, a tube, or a curl

2. octagonal – having eight angles and eight sides

3. writhed – twist and turn; twist about

4. vague – not definite; not clear; not distinct

5. placid – pleasantly calm or peaceful; quiet

6. plank – a long, flat piece of sawed timber thicker than a board

7. spit – a sharp-pointed, slender rod or bar on which meat is roasted

8. raspy – a harsh grated sound

A Paradise Called Texas

Vocabulary for Chapters 1 – 10

  1. resume – to begin again after stopping

  2. enchanted – charmed; delighted

  3. pier – a structure which extends out over the water; used

    as a landing place

  4. substantial – solid; strong; firm

  5. congested – very crowded

  6. berth – a space for sleeping on a ship or train

  7. queasy – sick or causing sickness at the stomach

  8. provisions – food or a supply of food

A Paradise Called Texas

Vocabulary for Chapters 1 1 – 20

  1. anguish – great suffering of mind or body

2. kindling – small pieces of dry wood; twigs

3. vastness – of very large size; enormous; huge

4. inhabit – to liv in as a home; occupy

5. fringed – an ornamental border or trimming of hanging cords

6. taut – stretched tight; not loose or slack

7. protruded – pushed out or thrust forth

8. rancid – having the bad taste or smell of spoiled fat or oil

STAAR Testing

The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, or STAAR, will begin this week. On Monday, March 30th, our 4th grade will participate in Day One of the Writing STAAR.  On Tuesday, March 31st, 4th grade will complete Day Two of the Writing STAAR, and 5th grade will take the STAAR Reading assessment.

We encourage our students to:

  • Go to bed early.
  • Be on time for school.
  • Plan to bring your lunch from home that morning or purchase your lunch from the cafeteria on these two testing days. Food brought in for lunch will not be allowed for any grade level on testing days. VISITORS for lunch will not be permitted on campus on March 30 and 31.
  • Students may bring one, sealed bottle of room-temperature water. Any other drink will not be allowed.

We are proud of our students and know that they are ready to show what they can do. Let’s stand behind them and show our support by making sure these tips are followed by all.