Today I came to school in a dress and shoes that were too big for me.  I had the attention of the students, as they thought I had lost my marbles.  I discussed with the students that it is important to choose books that “fit” them.  Choosing books that are too big or hard can become frustrating and books that are too little or easy will not be challenging enough.  To help students know what the right fit book is for them means knowing where their independent reading level is, both in fluency and in comprehension.  Please look for a note in your child’s take-home folder this week, which will explain our DRA testing.  Once DRA testing is completed, I will send home another letter explaining your child’s independent reading level.  By practicing reading within the student’s independent reading level each night, we should see improvement in your child’s reading level and in their confidence.  Thank you for your support!  Happy reading!

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