Letter to Parents

August 28, 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a wonderful year in 5th grade at White Oak. I am so excited to get to know your child this year and to work with them in reading. I have high expectations for your child and their reading progress for this school year. In order for your child to achieve these high expectations, we will need to work together. Please ensure that your child reads at least 20 minutes, four to six days a week outside of school. With our busy school day, we don’t always have an opportunity to allow them to read independently.

Knowing their independent reading level is important as well. With the help of Mrs. Bybel, Mrs. Craven, Mrs. Nelson, and Ms. Smith, we will be conducting DRA testing beginning this week to help the students determine where their independent reading level is. This testing will occur over several days. DRA testing involves the student reading a book with a teacher and answering questions before, during and after reading; testing fluency and comprehension. This data helps guide our reading instruction in our classrooms, especially for small group instruction, and allows the student to know what level they should be choosing books to read independently.

Our reading testing will be completed by the end of September. I will be sending home your child’s testing results at that time. Thank you for all you do to read with your child at home! Together, we will make this an amazing year!


Mrs. Owens

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