A Package for Mrs. Jewls

This week (9/4) we will continue to focus on the same vocabulary words and skills through literacy groups.  Vocabulary quiz will be Friday.

This week (8/28) we will be reading a humorous fictional selection entitled, A Package for Mrs. Jewls, an excerpt from Wayside School is Falling Down.  We will continue to focus on story elements, such as characters, setting, plot, conflict, and solution, with more practice summarizing the selection, and adding a vocabulary study.  Listed below is the vocabulary we will focus on the next two weeks.

shifted – moved or changed position

struggled – tried but still had difficulty

wobbled – moved unsteadily from side to side

staggered – walked very unsteadily

interrupted – stopped briefly

disturbing – upsetting

specialty – a featured item or attraction

squashing – crushing or flattening

collapsed – fell down

numb – having very little sensation or feeling

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