Reading Incentives

Over the last few weeks, I have offered and sent home some different reading incentives to encourage and reward independent reading at home.  Please note that if your child chooses to participate in more than one of these, the reading minutes for each incentive are not transferable!  Your child must complete separate reading minutes for EACH incentive in which he/she chooses to participate.  Just in case you missed any, below are descriptions of each incentive offered at this time.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt – 100 minutes of reading for a free 8 oz frozen yogurt, recorded on a Menchies bookmark, sent home October 30, 2017 (offer expires Dec. 25, 2017, so completed bookmarks must be returned to Mrs. Owens by Dec. 20, 2017).  Please note: the next Menchie’s Bookmark your child receives, each line will represent 1 hour, not 10 minutes, but it does not have an expiration date.

Book It – November goal is 280 minutes of reading for a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut OR Moe’s Pizza (in White Oak), recorded on November calendar reading log, sent home October 31, 2017 (reading must be completed by the last day of the month and returned to Mrs. Owens the first school day of the next month).

Six Flags Read to Succeed – 360 minutes of reading for a Six Flags ticket, recorded on the Six Flags Read to Succeed Student Reading Log, sent home November 6, 2017 (completed and returned to Mrs. Owens by February 9, 2018).

Please know that these are all optional.  Your child’s reading for 20 minutes 4 days is week is not optional, however.  So, why not choose at least one of these to be rewarded for the required reading?  Thank you for your encouragement and support in your child’s education!

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