Virtual Spirit Week – April 6th – April 10th

White Oak Intermediate Campus would like to invite our students, parents, and teachers to participate in the next few Virtual Spirit Weeks. At the beginning of each week, we will post the theme for each day of the week. Also, we will make a Facebook post on the daily theme. If you choose to do so, we would love to see your pictures. You may post these pictures on our Facebook Page in the comment section under the corresponding posts. We cannot wait to see your week in photos.

We Miss You! 

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Next Zoom Meeting

5th Grade Monday Zoom Meetings:

Our next Zoom meeting will be Monday, April 6th, at 10:00am.  You will find more detailed information regarding this meeting in Google Classroom.  We look forward to seeing you all Monday! 

Note: students must now have a password to enter.  This will be included in the Google Classroom post.

Important Announcement Regarding Work Packets

In the midst of developing events, we are requesting that parents keep work packets at home until further notice. This alleviates the need for parents to get out, drive to the school, and deposit them in the grade-level boxes. This will also minimize unnecessary contact outside the house. Thank you for understanding, and mostly thank you for assisting our campus in every effort to continue to provide educational opportunities for students.

March Book It! Calendars

If your child has completed all the required reading for the month of March (13 days of reading for 20 minutes or 260 minutes total), you can turn their March Book It! Calendars into Mrs. Owens. You can scan or take a picture of it and email it to Mrs. Owens ([email protected]). If you need an extra copy of the calendar, below is the link to print an extra. If you do not have a way to print, you can simply send me an email stating your child has completed the required reading for the month of March. March is the last month for Book It!, so there will not be an April calendar, but your child is still expected to do their 20 minutes of reading each week day. Thank you!

March Book It! Calendar – Mar_Seasonal-ReadingLog (1)

Completed Packet Materials Drop Box

Parents and Guardians,

If you are able, we would love for you to return any completed packet work to us. There are boxes on a table at the entrance of the Intermediate Campus where you can place your child(ren)’s completed packets. We appreciate all the time and effort you have spent with your child(ren) while we are schooling at home. Teachers are excited to see all of the hard work they have done. Please make sure that all completed work is labeled with your child(ren)’s name together with their homeroom teacher’s name. Thank you so much!

Covid 19 Update

White Oak Community,

Today, Tuesday, March 31st, Governor Abbott extended the school closure period for Texas school districts through May 4th. White Oak ISD will comply with this order. Tentatively students will return to school on Tuesday, May 5th. We will continue to follow future guidance from the Governor, CDC, T.E.A., County Judge, etc. and will disseminate ASAP.

White Oak ISD will continue with the ‘continuity of education’ plan both hard-copy and online for as long as it is practical (through the end of May as needed). We are attempting to balance the need of keeping our students engaged in the learning process and the logistical, real-life issues facing parents and guardians in our community.

White Oak class of 2020: Our heart is breaking for each of you and we understand that this is a difficult time. Please know that we are exploring every option that we can think of to try and give closure for y’all. At this point, we are not sure if UIL activities can/will resume (currently shut down until May 4th) but we will update as we can. We WILL have some sort of graduation ceremony, although at this point we are not sure what that might look like….perhaps a virtual ceremony to begin with and an ‘actual’ ceremony at a later date. We want to give each of you your moment. We will update.

The lunch/breakfast program will continue uninterrupted.

Thank you for your continued support during these very challenging times. I know it is difficult for everyone. Please know that White Oak ISD is trying to make the best decisions we can that benefit our kiddos and community during these very fluid and changing times. Please stay safe, healthy and continue to follow CDC recommendations.

Go, Roughnecks!

Brian Gray-Superintendent of Schools

White Oak ISD

The HOME of Roughneck PRIDE!

Great Resources from Mrs. McClanahan

Counseling Resources
Posted on March 30, 2020
Hello Roughneck Students and Families,

I hope you and your family are well and staying healthy during this time of the coronavirus pandemic. Please remember that the White Oak ISD administration is looking out for the best interests of our community, students, and staff to prevent any community spread or diagnosis of the virus in this area. While we transition to online/distance learning these next couple of weeks, I want you to remember that I am here to support you and your family the best I can.

I am providing you with some resources below. Parents/Guardians, the following page lists ways you can talk with your children about coronavirus. There are a few age-appropriate links to videos as well. I have also included a few links to social emotional resources.

For online counseling sessions, I will be available to talk through the Zoom App or phone call during these times: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. To schedule a Zoom session, either email me or fill out this google form. I will confirm, then create a meeting and send you a link with access to it.

The following are ways to contact me:

● Email: [email protected]

● Google Form: Counselor Request Form 2020

It’s important to continue building their emotional health and help keep your child focused on some good, positive things in life. Please do not hesitate to contact me if your child needs help or support during this time. As a school counselor, I care about your child’s well-being and know this pandemic hitting our country is affecting each family’s daily routines, mental health and outlook on our future as of now.

Thank you,

Ashley McClanahan

School Counselor for White Oak Elementary

Social Emotional Learning at Home 3-5

Resources for Talking to Kids About Coronavirus:

Talking to Children About COVID-19 –

● Don’t be afraid to discuss the coronavirus. Most children will have already heard about the virus or seen people wearing face masks, so parents shouldn’t avoid talking about it. Not talking about something can actually make kids worry more. Look at the conversation as an opportunity to convey the facts and set the emotional tone. “You take on the news and you’re the person who filters the news to your kid,” explains Janine Domingues, PhD, a child psychologist at the Child Mind Institute. Your goal is to help your children feel informed and get fact based information that is likely more reassuring than whatever they’re hearing from their friends or on the news.

● Be developmentally appropriate. Don’t volunteer too much information, as this may be overwhelming. Instead, try to answer your child’s questions. Do your best to answer honestly and clearly. It’s okay if you can’t answer everything; being available to your child is what matters.

● Take your cues from your child. Invite your child to tell you anything they may have heard about the coronavirus, and how they feel. Give them ample opportunity to ask questions. You want to be prepared to answer (but not prompt) questions. Your goal is to avoid encouraging frightening fantasies.

● Deal with your own anxiety. “When you’re feeling most anxious or panicked, that isn’t the time to talk to your kids about what’s happening with the coronavirus,” warns Dr. Domingues. If you notice that you are feeling anxious, take some time to calm down before trying to have a conversation or answer your child’s questions.

● Be reassuring. Children are very egocentric, so hearing about the coronavirus on the news may be enough to make them seriously worry that they’ll catch it. It’s helpful to reassure your child about how rare the coronavirus actually is (the flu is much more common) and that kids actually seem to have milder symptoms.

● Focus on what you’re doing to stay safe. An important way to reassure kids is to emphasize the safety precautions that you are taking. Jamie Howard, PhD, a child psychologist at the Child Mind Institute, notes, “Kids feel empowered when they know what to do to keep themselves safe.” We know that the coronavirus is transmitted mostly by coughing and touching surfaces. The CDC recommends thoroughly washing your hands as the primary means of staying healthy. So remind kids that they are taking care of themselves by washing their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds (or the length of two “Happy Birthday” songs) when they come in from outside, before they eat, and after blowing their nose, coughing, sneezing or using the bathroom. If kids ask about face masks, explain that the experts at the CDC say they aren’t necessary for most people. If kids see people wearing face masks, explain that those people are being extra cautious.

● Stick to routine. “We don’t like uncertainty, so staying rooted in routines and predictability is going to be helpful right now,” advises Dr. Domingues. This is particularly important if your child’s school or daycare shuts down. March 18, 2020 Make sure you are taking care of the basics just like you would during a spring break or summer vacation. Structured days with regular mealtimes and bedtimes are an essential part of keeping kids happy and healthy.

● Keep talking. Tell kids that you will continue to keep them updated as you learn more. “Let them know that the lines of communication are going to be open,” says Dr. Domingues. “You can say, ‘Even though we don’t have the answers to everything right now, know that once we know more, mom or dad will let you know, too.’”

Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus from NPR

Brain Pop Video About the Coronavirus
The Yucky Bug by Julia Cook

Healthy Heroes by Vimeo

Announcement from Superintendent Brian Gray

White Oak Community,
Gregg County is now in a mandatory shelter in place beginning tomorrow night Thursday, March 26th and running through Thursday, April 9th.

The earliest that staff would return to school would be April 10th. The earliest that students would return is April 13th. These dates are subject to change.
*White Oak ISD will continue the ‘meal program’ as well as continuity of educational resources on-line and hard copy. Campus administration is currently working to disseminate additional materials and information.
*Only essential personnel will be on campus.
Thank you for your continued support during these very challenging times.
Brian Gray
Superintendent of Schools
Details of the order are below:
1. You may leave your home, but limit your activities. All individuals should shelter at their place of residence, except for essential activities and business. Additionally, to the extent individuals use shared indoor or outdoor space, they should maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet. All travel, except essential travel and essential activities, is prohibited. Travel into and out of the city is still allowed to perform essential activities, operate essential businesses, or maintain essential governmental functions.

2. To the extent individuals use shared indoor or outdoor space, they should maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet. All travel, except essential travel and essential activities, is prohibited. Travel into and out of the City is still allowed to perform essential activities, operate essential businesses, or maintain essential governmental functions.

3. The Shelter-in-Place orders also direct businesses, except essential businesses, to cease all activities except minimum basic operations. All essential businesses are strongly encouraged to remain open. However, even essential businesses are encouraged to determine essential staff necessary to operate and to send non-essential staff home. To the greatest extent feasible, essential businesses shall comply with social distancing requirements. Essential businesses include a variety of different types of businesses that provide essential goods and services for the community, such as healthcare, grocery stores, gas stations, hardware stores, banks, laundromats, transportation, media, construction, and several others detailed within the directive.

Essential businesses will continue to operate. Non-essential businesses should not continue to operate except for minimal, basic operations. See full list of essential businesses at this link.

School Closure Update Information

March 25, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Due to the mandatory shelter in place that has been issued beginning tomorrow evening, Thursday, March 26th through Thursday, April 9th, we have prepared new learning packets that have been added to the pick-up areas. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade packets are available for pick up underneath the covered sidewalk at the main entrance beginning tonight, March 25th after 7:00 pm.

Teachers have also provided links to educational resources on their blogs, but in case you do not have internet access or your student does not have a device, the work packets are an option. Please feel free to use the packets and available online resources at your discretion.

We still miss our students terribly, but our hope is that everyone stays healthy in the coming days. As this situation evolves we will keep you updated on a prospective return. We will remain Roughneck strong!


Jennifer Rock