Upcoming Benchmarks

5th grade will have a math benchmark this Thursday (03/01/2018) and a reading benchmark this Friday (03/02/2018). Please encourage your child to get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and to review by looking over their reading journals or going to the Reading Skills Review webmix on the 5th Grade Symbaloo Website. fifthgrade.symbaloo.com

Common Assessment Coming Up!

Next Wednesday, February 21st, the students will take a reading common assessment over text features, text structure, and inferencing.  Please encourage them to study and practice these skills using their journals and/or computer/iPad (Symbaloo Reading Skills Review Webmix).

What’s Going On?

Here’s what’s going on in 5th grade reading!

  • We just finished Text Features of Nonfiction Text.
  • Now we are focusing on Text Structure and Inferencing.

Text Features Terminology:

  • Title – identifies the topic of the text/tells what the text will be about
  • Title Page – tells a book’s title, author, illustrator, and publisher
  • Table of Contents – tells the names of chapters and on what page the chapters can be found
  • Index – tells on what pages the reader can find certain topics
  • Glossary – tells the definitions of some of the words found in a text
  • Heading – divides the text into sections and explains what the sections will be about
  • Photograph – shows what something looks like (taken with a camera)
  • Illustration – shows what something looks like (drawn by an artist)
  • Caption – explains what a photograph or illustration is about
  • Label – tells the name of certain parts of a photograph or illustration
  • Graph – organizes and helps compare information in a visual way
  • Table – organizes facts and numbers in a visual way so it is easier to read
  • Map – shows where places/events are located
  • Diagram – explains information or how something works in a visual way
  • Bold Print – shows what words are important or what words can be found in the glossary
  • Italics – shows that a word is important
  • Bullet Points – makes lists easier to read and understand
  • Fact Box/Sidebar – gives interesting facts or extra information about a topic

Text Structure Terminology:

  • Chronological Order/Sequence – tells the order in which events occur in a text
  • Cause & Effect – tells what happened (effect) and why it happened (cause)
  • Problem & Solution – provides a problem and describes how it can be or is solved
  • Compare & Contrast – shows similarities and differences between two or more things
  • Description – explains an idea, topic, person, place, or items by describing features, characteristics, & examples

Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe that half of this school year is behind us!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and excited about this new year!  Because it is now the second semester, we will hit our reading skills pretty hard and heavy.  Please encourage your child to do his/her independent reading at home at least four days a week for at least 20 minutes each time.  We are continuing with reading incentives; Book It (Pizza Hut), Menchie’s (yogurt), and Read to Succeed (Six Flags).

Here are some important upcoming benchmark testing dates:

  • math = Tuesday, Jan. 9th
  • reading = Thursday, Jan. 11th
  • science = Thursday, Jan. 18th

We will treat these benchmark tests like practice STAAR tests.  These benchmarks help the students to build endurance, have an idea of what the real STAAR tests will be like, and identify strengths and weaknesses to guide classroom instruction.  Please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep, eats a healthy breakfast, and gets to school on time for benchmark days.

Here are a few things your child can do to help them be more prepared for the reading benchmark and reading STAAR test:

  • participate in his/her independent reading at home, while completing book challenges (passed out with students last semester – extra copies in the choice box in my classroom)
  • have valuable conversations with older people to help develop their vocabulary
  • study his/her STAAR Terminology Sheet (in a previous blog post and passed out to students last semester)
  • practice activities & play games on the 5th grade Symbaloo Webmix Reading Skills Review page (they can access through their Google account on any computer)
  • practice Quizlet poetry terminology and text features (they can access through their Google account on any computer)

Thank you so much for your continued support in your child’s education!

2018 is going to be a great year!

Wonder Unit

This week we will look into  Wonder before going to see the movie. We will focus on the characters, the book’s theme, and vocabulary using some excerpts from the book. We will also look into the author and her motivation to write the book.

Wonder Vocabulary:

catastrophe – a disaster or misfortune

mutation – an alteration or change, as in nature, form, or quality

probability – the condition of being probable; very likely to occur

phobia – a strong fear of something

aversion – a strong feeling of dislike, repugnance, or antipathy toward something and a desire to
avoid it

Book It November Calendars Due Friday, Dec. 1st

November calendars are due Friday, December 1st, for a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut or Moe’s in White Oak.  December calendars will be passed out to the students Friday for the month of December, in which they will be responsible for 160 minutes of reading and due Monday, December 18th.

Please don’t forget the Menchie’s Bookmark and Six Flags Read to Succeed reading incentives as options as well.

Happy Reading!

Poetry Unit

In reading class, we are focusing on poetry with an emphasis on verse, stanzas, free verse, meter, rhyme scheme, internal rhyme, alliteration, repetition, and onomatopoeia.  We will have a common assessment over poetry Wednesday, December 6th.

Family Night for the Reading Fair

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 10.17.37 PMIntermediate students and parents are invited to attend the Reading Fair on Thursday, November 30, from 5:30 pm-6:15 pm. The Gallery Walk will be housed in the elementary library and will feature the reading projects of those students who chose to enter the competition. Please plan to attend and help us acknowledge the creativity of our students.

Reading Incentives

Over the last few weeks, I have offered and sent home some different reading incentives to encourage and reward independent reading at home.  Please note that if your child chooses to participate in more than one of these, the reading minutes for each incentive are not transferable!  Your child must complete separate reading minutes for EACH incentive in which he/she chooses to participate.  Just in case you missed any, below are descriptions of each incentive offered at this time.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt – 100 minutes of reading for a free 8 oz frozen yogurt, recorded on a Menchies bookmark, sent home October 30, 2017 (offer expires Dec. 25, 2017, so completed bookmarks must be returned to Mrs. Owens by Dec. 20, 2017).  Please note: the next Menchie’s Bookmark your child receives, each line will represent 1 hour, not 10 minutes, but it does not have an expiration date.

Book It – November goal is 280 minutes of reading for a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut OR Moe’s Pizza (in White Oak), recorded on November calendar reading log, sent home October 31, 2017 (reading must be completed by the last day of the month and returned to Mrs. Owens the first school day of the next month).

Six Flags Read to Succeed – 360 minutes of reading for a Six Flags ticket, recorded on the Six Flags Read to Succeed Student Reading Log, sent home November 6, 2017 (completed and returned to Mrs. Owens by February 9, 2018).

Please know that these are all optional.  Your child’s reading for 20 minutes 4 days is week is not optional, however.  So, why not choose at least one of these to be rewarded for the required reading?  Thank you for your encouragement and support in your child’s education!